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Building Resilience in Agriculture

Our approach to promoting sustainable food production and distribution in Africa goes beyond compliance with regulatory expectations. We are driven by a desire to contribute to, and positively impact the development of our cities and communities.

Our Business

As a diversified trade partner, our interest in multiple industries indicates our determination to provide investors with tools, resources and data to make informed business decision and support the actualization of the SDGs within Africa.

Accountant at Work

Farmers have all the necessary input for production provided for them

Checking Lettuce Growth

We train farmers on modern agricultural methods for the purpose of achieving optimum yield

From the farm to the refrigerator, or the factory to the warehouse, Meadow Foods is developing solutions that meet customer needs from one end of the supply chain to the other.

Image by Tri Eptaroka Mardiana



A combination of industry insiders and logistic experts ensures optimal support to clients



We go above and beyond ensuring that our clients receive a high return on their investments

After Sale


We are in it for the long run providing round the clock support and training



We help clients to save valuable time through our Swift Response Procedure (SRP) and  personalized service


Our Impact

Beyond the trade numbers, our mission is to accelerate opportunities for social change through strategic investments that result in triple bottom line impact across social, economic and environmental dimensions.

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