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Food Supply Chain Powered by Know-How

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Building Intelligent data and assisting Africa’s food supply chain

GrowIT is premised on proven business models which show that leveraging on an integrated solution that digitizes soil to shelf helps smallholder farmers and agricultural MSMEs to become more resilient to shocks and stresses such as adverse weather events, price fluctuations and even health shocks such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This end-to-end solution enables smallholder farmers, organized as collectives, to improve their access to products and services that enhance their efficacy through data-driven advisory, risk mitigation and access to markets.  

GrowIT leverages the consortium’s business model and is designed as a farmer-centric, onestop integrated e-platform that connects

input companies and buyers to farmers through its platform and an organized channel of micro-franchises called “GrowIT Entrepreneurs” (GE) who provide a feet-on-the-street presence and a physical touch point to farmers using the digital platform at the last mile. By aligning incentives and creating shared value, GE’s are trained to support smallholder farmer collectives with services including soil-testing and personalized seeds, crop nutrient, fertilizers, and pest management best practices recommendations, land-boundary mapping services using geo-spatial technology and supports to build a transaction history that enable them access credit for climate-smart inputs, while linking them to higher-value output markets.

Our Value Chain

Sustainable business with transparent, fair supply chains and data-driven solutions. For crop value chains we support rice, maize, cassava, ginger, cashew and soybeans. For livestock value chains, we support poultry, cattle, small ruminants and aquaculture. 




Our Service

Accelerating the food and beverage production and retail business in Africa.






Data-driven Agriculture

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